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An Illustrated History of Phage Research

Illustration by Anthony Weeks

Scroll left-to-right to view the entire image. Click on the dates highlighted in yellow to learn more about phage research during that time period.

Phage History date 1915 Phage History date 1917 Phage History date 1920 Phage History date 1930 Phage History date 1940 Phage History date 1950 Phage History date 1960 Phage History date 1970 Phage History date 1990 Phage History date 2000
Illustration of the Phage Meeting by Anthony Weeks

Anthony D. Weeks

Visual Storyteller

Image of Anthony Weeks Anthony Weeks is an illustrator, documentary filmmaker, and visual storyteller based in San Francisco, CA. He has more than 16 years of experience working with senior-level product and strategy development teams to think visually and turn data into stories. In the role of public listener and illustrator, Anthony collaborates with project teams to create visually rich chronicles and murals of conversations in real time. The visual storytelling facilitates dialogue, engages participation, clarifies vision, and animates the process of ideation.

Anthony's documentary films have been screened at numerous venues nationally and internationally. He was a 2009 grant recipient from the Princess Grace Foundation in New York/Monaco. He was honored with an Emmy and a student Academy Award for his 2010 documentary short entitled Imaginary Circumstances. The film was also selected for a CINE Golden Eagle award in 2010. In 2011, Anthony was one of several American film directors selected by the US State Department to travel to embassies and consulates abroad as part of the American Documentary Showcase, a cultural exchange program.

In addition to directing documentary media, Anthony has illustrated a number of books. Most recently, his illustrations were featured in the 2013 release Netsmart: How to Thrive Online (MIT Press) by social media scholar and expert Howard Rheingold.

Anthony holds a Master in Fine Arts from Stanford University, a Master of Social Work from Augsburg College (MN), and a BA from Grinnell College. He was a 1997-98 Coro Fellow in Public Affairs.

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