2015 Year of the phage conference | San Diego State University

Meeting Program

The following is a list of the lead speakers for the six conference sessions.

Friday Jan 9, 2015 - THE HISTORY
Talk by Forest Rohwer
Forest Rohwer (SDSU)
"Welcome and Introduction"
Talk by William Summers
William Summers (Yale University)
"Foundation of the American Phage Group and Discipline Formation"
Talk by Betty Kutter
Betty Kutter (Evergreen College)
"Working Historically and Collaboratively to Jump-Start Phage Therapy"
Talk by Allan Campbell
Allan Campbell (Stanford University)
"Current Work on Classical Phages: Major Revisions or Minor Refinements?"
Talk by Douglas Berg
Douglas Berg (Washington University, UCSD)
"Transposable Elements in a Phage World Context"
Talk by Moselio Schaechter
Moselio Schaechter (Tufts Univ., SDSU, UCSD)
"History of Cold Spring Harbor Labs"
Talk by Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson (The Scripps Research Institute)
"Virus Maturation: Phage Leads the Way"
Talk by Partho Ghosh
Partho Ghosh (UCSD)
"Anticipatory Binding in Phage"
Talk by Lin Chao
Lin Chao (UCSD)
"Phage Age?"
Talk by Paul Turner
Paul Turner (Yale University)
"Evolution of Fitness Trade-Offs in Phage"
Talk by Frede Thingstad
Frede Thingstad (University of Bergen)
"Theoretical Consequences of Assuming Strain-Specific Viruses"
Talk by Jed Fuhrman
Jed Fuhrman (University of Southern California)
"How Marine Viruses Entered the Mainstream: A Historical Perspective"
Talk by Ken Stedman
Ken Stedman (Portland State University)
"From Weird to Wonderful: Archaeophage to Archaeal Viruses"
Talk by Peter Salamon
Peter Salamon (SDSU)
"Bacteriophage Thermodynamics"
Talk by Maria Alejandra Bautista
Maria Alejandra Bautista (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana)
"Virus-Induced Dormancy in Sulfolobus islandicus"
Talk by Ry Young
Ry Young (Texas A&M)
"A Century of Lysis: From Simple Enzymology to Molecular Gymnastics"
Saturday Jan 10, 2015 - THE FUTURE
Talk by Nick Conley
Nick Conley (EpiBiome, Inc)
"Phage Therapy in Agriculture"
Karen Shaw (AmpliPhi)
"Engage the Phage: Treatments for Bacterial Infections"
Talk by Kevin Hockett
Kevin Hockett (University of Arizona)
"Independent Acquisition of a Phage Toxin in Pseudomonas"
Talk by Joe Pogliano
Joe Pogliano (UCSD)
"Phage and the Origin of Eukaryotic Life"
Talk by Nicholas Shikuma
Nicholas Shikuma (California Institute of Technology)
"Phage and Phage-like Elements as Agents of Bacterium-Animal Interactions"
Talk by Fawzy Hashem
Fawzy Hashem (University of Maryland Eastern Shore)
"Controlling Ineffective Bradyrhizobia with Bacteriophage to Enhance Nodulation and Growth of Soybean"
Talk by Alejandro Reyes Munoz
Alejandro Reyes Munoz (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia)
"Phage Biology: Another Century Creating New Sciences"
Talk by Bradley Bearson
Bradley Bearson (USDA, ARS, National Laboratory of Agriculture and the Environment))
"Fluoroquinolone Induction of Phage-mediated Gene Transfer in Multidrug-resistant Salmonella"
Talk by Jeff Roberts
Jeff Roberts (Cornell University)
"History of Phage Research"
Talk by Justin Meyer
Justin Meyer (UCSD)
"Phage Experimental Evolution and Its Future Synergies with Synthetic Biology"
Talk by Lisa Zeigler
Lisa Zeigler (JCVI)
"There’s a Phage in the Cell on the Rock in the Vent in the Hole in the Bottom of the Sea"
Talk by David Lipson
David Lipson (SDSU)
"Metagenomic Investigation of Viruses in Arctic Soil"
Talk by Antoni Luque
Antoni Luque (SDSU)
"Modeling the Physical Properties of Bacteriophage Capsids"
Talk by Gregory Weiss
Gregory Weiss (UCI)
"Putting Phage to Work: Cancer Sensing with Viruses Integrated into Electronics"

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